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Through this website, and with this community, IG Spaces will every day demonstrate our intention to be transparent.


We welcome scrutiny. We welcome critique. We welcome openness to fulfil trust and respect in the delivery of ethical business.

Ethical First

At our heart is the ethical first principal. While profit is important -  creation of funds to charities; or hospitals and education as well as all other resources and services that are the responsibility of caring Government - most importantly to us, is how profit is made that is the clear differentiator to create opportunity and innovation. That is ethically first.


With our intentions so clearly worn on our sleeve; become a member of the IG Spaces community today. Be bold in a community where action is more important than beautifully crafted rhetoric.


IG Spaces is a team of diverse professionals with complimentary skill sets, which are put to best effect only with stakeholder involvement.  This is why our website is built around an interactive social media core. Join us and together we will build places where people really want to live, work and do business: where you get to have a say in the place you live, work and do business. 


We are wholly committed to projects that:

  • serve and enhance communities
  • are in harmony with the environment
  • result in better habitats
  • protect all living things
  • are optimised for long term economic value in balance with all stakeholders
  • fosters duty, transparency and trust
  • serve people and awaken the harmony, wisdom and joy that lives in all Beings

If you have a project that really needs doing; that reflects our passion and caring as well as being aligned with our values, then do explore our website and please join us. Speak with us directly.



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Sustainability - what began as a niche approach, today is flourishing into a strategic imperative, and must have a result-focused orientation.
Productivity is most often hampered by disengaged, silo’d, mutually exclusive teams that are programmed and budgeted to do what is right, for them.


IG Spaces Place Shaping helps build community cohesion and social integration from increasing skills and enable the management of knowledge and services across the complex systems of land, housing, infrastructure, community and business. 

Economic Development

We enable the confidence to actively promote social cohesion, economic development and well-being through creation of symbiotic relationships. The bolstered economy will be naturally resilient to external challenges as well as mitigate internal tensions.


Symbiotic Relationship’s 

Equality and sympathetic economic development is fostered by the mutual understanding developed from the symbiotic relationships created by an ‘open source’ closed loop and eminently efficient place where people want to live and work together. 

Shared Value

It is well researched, that a shared sense of identity creates a place that is safe to live. As such, this has a positive effect on both physical and mental health well-being as well as creating a good quality, safe, well-maintained and respected environment. With shared social capital for the community, and, being in sympathy with the natural cultural heritage and character, delivers a shared cohesive vision of the future. A shared cohesive vision of the future enriches the economic future of the region.

Reduces Government, Business and Personal Expenditure

A cohesive community addresses expenditure issues since an inclusive society elevates community involvement in decision making, which naturally leads to service providers understanding the needs of a community better, and therefore provide better, joined-up, provision of those services.

Lower Crime

It is well documented that a cohesive community shows low levels of crime, drugs and antisocial behaviour, thus reducing community risk and expenditure further. 

Rural Enterprises

Social cohesion promotes local enterprises, which can thrive and prosper through the inclusive nature of the community; building confidence and a support structure to thrive and grow economically beyond the natural boundaries of the district. This elevates revenue to the local community adding further to well-being of the community, and the local / national economy. 

Environmental Protection

Place Shaping develops a deeper respect within the community for the environment, combined with improved provision of services with the associated lowered environmental impact. 

Society, Risk and Uncertainty

Place Shaping adds to the economy and environment  through reduced risks and greater control of uncertainty since expenditure is better controlled;  and promotion of smaller, distributed enterprises attract inward investment for people and businesses wishing to locate to where there is an energised, educated and cohesive workforce.





Few can say that, where they live, work and do business is perfect. That there is no room for improvement. For, the place where we live has mostly be designed and shaped by others: architects, engineers, planning departments, and so on. While well meaning, often there are unintended consequences since their desires may beat to a different drum. 


IG Spaces Place Shaping is the way to bring ‘harmony' to ‘place’ (Feng Shui): to balance the physical (food, water, waste, energy, land, buildings, etc,) with the emotional (economy, security, entertainment, fun, social structure) and the spiritual (sense of purpose, motivation, passion).


To build strong efficient communities. To increase skills that ignites powerful social cohesion, which enables better communication, better user collaboration, and better management of knowledge and services across the complex systems of land, housing, infrastructure, community and business. 


If you want to be part of a new approach to the places where we want to live, work and do business; then join us, talk to us, and let us see what we can do together. 

"Desire is the key to motivation, but it's determination and commitment to an unrelenting pursuit of your goal - a commitment to excellence - that will enable you to attain the success you seek"

Mario Andretti




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